Berlin 2013: 'Thousand Times Goodnight' with Juliette Binoche Sells Widely

Juliette Binoche Elles Photocall - P 2012
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Juliette Binoche Elles Photocall - P 2012

Global Screen closes deals for Spain, Brazil and Portugal, with U.S. and French offers on the table.

BERLIN - Juliette Binoche is the belle of Berlin. The Oscar-winning French actress delivered a raw, unflinching performance in Bruno Dumont's Camille Claudel 1915, which is the talk of the festival, and her upcoming feature, A Thousand Times Goodnight, in which she plays a war photographer, is a hot seller at Berlin's European Film Market.

World sales group Global Screen said it has closed multiple pre-sale deals on A Thousand Times Goodnight after screening a promo reel to buyers in Berlin, including ones with Golem in Spain, Art Film for Brazil, Portugal's  Lanterna de Pedra Filmes, Italia Films for Middle East and Swallow Wings for Taiwan.  Wild Bunch earlier picked up rights in Benelux for the title, directed by Norwegian filmmaker Erik Poppe (Troubled Water) based on his own experiences as a war photographer in the 1980s.

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A Thousand Times Goodnight also stars Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Larry Mullen Jr., the drummer of Irish rock band U2.

In other sales news, Global Screen said it closed a Japanese deal for German period-drama Ludwig II with Broadmedia Studios; inked with A Contracorriente in Spain for the drama Mr. Morgan's Last Love starring Michael Caine and Clemence Poesy; pre-sold 3D children's titles Ooops, Noah is Gone to Poland's Kino Swiat and The 7th Dwarf to AQS for the Czech Republic and Slovania and to Italia Film for the Middle East; and the documentary Camp 14, about one man's escape from a North Korean re-education camp, to Japan (Maxam), Australia (SBS) and Latin America (HBO).