'Jumper' bounces for 2nd week

Thriller wins at least nine o'seas markets to top 'Point'

Oscar-nominated titles are grossing well enough on the international circuit, but it was the sci-fi thriller "Jumper" that won boxoffice gold for the second straight weekend.

The 20th Century Fox International release starring Hayden Christensen as a man who teleports himself from place to place took in an estimated $22 million from 4,040 screens in 40 markets, hoisting its overseas total to $61.2 million. It finished No. 1 in at least nine markets, including the U.K. and possibly France, where the action title is vying for the top market spot with an estimated opening weekend of $5.2 million from 586 screens.

Sony opened the weekend's No. 1 domestic draw "Vantage Point" — a thriller without an Oscar connection about various views of an attempted presidential assassination — in a half-dozen overseas markets for an estimated gross of $1.8 million from 525 screens.

The weekend's overall No. 2 title, DreamWorks/Warner Bros. International's "Sweeney Todd," came in with three Oscar nominations, including best actor for Johnny Depp. Thanks to substantial openings in Italy (an estimated $2.6 million from 330 screens) and Germany ($1.4 million from 320 sites), the musical rolled up an overall weekend estimate of $8.8 million from more than 2,700 situations in 51 territories. Overseas cume is $81.5 million.

Among the best picture Oscar contenders, Universal International's "Atonement" is the top grosser overseas so far with a cumulative total of $70.2 million. Its weekend tally was an estimated $2.7 million from 1,540 screens in 45 markets.

"There Will Be Blood" has a cume of $10.1 million slightly more than two weeks thanks to a solid $3.9 million weekend from just 730 screens in 35 territories. Strong holds in the U.K., Italy, Spain, Australia and Germany were augmented by a flashy opening of $13,500 per screen at just 22 situations in Greece.

Paramount Pictures International's "No Country for Old Men" reached a cume of $37 million thanks to an estimated $4.8 million weekend (including an impressive $1.6 million opening weekend in Italy at 252 screens) from a total of 1,558 sites in 35 territories.

20th Century Fox International's "Juno" has rolled up a total of $35.8 million, helped by a lusty $5 million weekend at 1,044 screens in 16 markets. That was enough to put the comedy into a tie with Sony's "Rambo" for the No. 5 spot this frame.

Other titles boasting Oscar noms that are playing internationally include Universal's "Charlie Wilson's War," which has grossed $37 million overseas so far. Its weekend estimate is $3.6 million from 1,630 screens in 37 markets. The same distributor's "American Gangster" is winding down its international run with a cume of $131.2 million.

"Elizabeth: The Golden Age," also released by Universal, has grossed $52.6 million overseas, and New Line Cinema's "The Golden Compass" has rolled up a $256.3 million cume, dwarfing its domestic total gross of $69.9 million.

Finishing No. 3 on the weekend was Disney's "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," which lifted its overseas cume to $213.8 million thanks to an estimated $8.3 million weekend at 3,060 screens in 39 territories. No. 4 is Warners' "The Bucket List," the comedy with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, which yielded $5.8 million from about 2,000 screens in 24 markets, for a cume of $34.5 million.

In sharing the weekend's fifth spot with "Juno," "Rambo" (known as "John Rambo" overseas) earned $5 million from 1,225 screens in four markets (excluding Italy, Holland and Switzerland, for which figures were not immediately available).

Most of "Rambo's" weekend tally came from Australia and the U.K., where it opened to $3.4 million from 530 screens. Despite the decision of Odeon, the U.K.'s biggest chain, not to show the picture, "Rambo" still placed No. 2 in the market. Other contributors to the weekend estimate were holdover engagements in Germany and Mexico. "Rambo's" estimated overseas cume stands at about $33 million.

Pathe Distribution's "Asterix at the Olympics" is fading markedly in at least five European markets — the comedy's home territory of France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria — with a weekend estimate from these territories of $4.4 million from 2,200 screens. France threw off $1.6 million in the fourth weekend from about 1,000 situations, down 70% from last weekend. The drop in Spain was 34%, with $1.2 million in the third weekend from 350 screens.

Sony's "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep" tossed off $4 million from 2,010 screens in 35 markets for a cume of $31.2 million. Disney opened "Wild Bunch 5" at 750 screens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The latest in the German-language family-oriented soccer film series grabbed a total of $4.1 million and a No. 1 ranking in each of the three territories.

Fox's "27 Dresses" raised its overseas total to $28.5 million thanks to a $3.7 million weekend at 1,407 screens in 27 markets. Paramount's "Cloverfield" fielded an estimated $3.5 million from 2,199 situations in 54 markets, hoisting its overseas cume to $74.5 million.

Other overseas cume updates: Disney's "Enchanted," $182 million; DreamWorks/PPI's "Kite Runner," $24.1 million; Fox's "Alvin and the Chipmunks," $129.2 million; Paramount's "The Spiderwick Chronicles," $2.6 million; Fox's "Meet the Spartans," $4 million; and Warners' "Fool's Gold," $5.7 million.