'Jumper' cables foreign b.o. too

Fox film's $28.2 mil debut knocks 'Asterix' from top

"Jumper," the action thriller about a young man who teleports himself from place to place, leaped to the No. 1 spot internationally over the weekend, grossing an estimated $28.2 million from about 2,800 screens in 30 markets.

The 20th Century Fox International release, which also opened No. 1 domestically, finished first in at least 11 of its opening territories including the U.K., where it bolted to an estimated $6.3 million from 410 playdates for a rousing per-screen average of $15,366.

Adapted from Steven Gould's novel and directed by Doug Liman, "Jumper" scored $4.8 million in South Korea from 343 situations for a $13,994 per-screen average. Fox said it was its fifth-biggest opening weekend in the market and the biggest February debut in Korea from any studio.

Paul Hanneman, Fox International's co-president, declared the opening international numbers "excellent" especially since "Jumper's" 30-market debut covered only seven top territories. "We've got a considerable amount of business to go" as the action title moves into bigger markets over the next month, he said. "We still have most of Europe to go."

The weekend in general was solid; the top five films grossed about 15% more than the top five of last year's comparable frame.

Paramount opened overseas "The Spiderwick Chronicles," which premiered at No. 3 domestically. The family-oriented fantasy adaptation grossed an estimated $1.5 million from the Philippines and South Korea, with the latter territory providing $1.2 million from 150 screens. Warners' "Fool's Gold," the weekend's No. 4 domestic title, played 250 screens in four markets for an estimated $1.4 million for an overseas cume of $4 million.

Finishing in second place on the weekend was Disney's "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," which grabbed an estimated $12.4 million from 2,864 screens in 44 markets, hoisting its overseas gross to $201 million; its worldwide total is $414 million. The Jerry Bruckheimer production starring Nicolas Cage is the 26th Disney title to cross the $200 million mark internationally.

Finishing third is Pathe Distribution's "Asterix at the Olympic Games," which had placed No. 1 internationally for the last two weekends. The comedy dropped 48% to the No. 3 spot in its home market of France, where it snagged an estimated $5.3 million from 1,078 screens. Overall, "Asterix" came up with an estimated $11 million from about 2,500 screens in seven markets. This estimate does not include results from several other territories playing "Asterix" for which Pathe is not providing figures.

Tied for the No. 4 spot are Paramount's "Cloverfield" and Fox's "27 Dresses," each with weekend estimates of $7 million. The sci-fi thriller "Cloverfield" played 3,071 screens in 52 territories and raised its overseas cume to $68 million. "Dresses," a romantic comedy, played 1,700 screens in 25 markets for a cume of $23.5 million.

Sixth place went to DreamWorks/Warners' "Sweeney Todd," which scored a tuneful $6.8 million from about 2,300 screens in 48 territories, lifting its foreign total to $70 million.

Best-picture Oscar nominee "There Will Be Blood" drew an estimated $3.4 million from just 570 screens in 17 markets, lifting its overseas cume to $4.6 million. Universal's "Definitely, Maybe," which ranked No. 5 domestically on the weekend, grabbed an estimated $3 million from 571 screens in three markets for a cume of $5.8 million.