JumpTV leaps to U.S. on AOL


TORONTO -- Canadian ethnic webcaster JumpTV on Thursday said it has reached agreement to distribute about 60 international channels to the U.S. for free via the AOL Video portal.

Toronto-based JumpTV did not disclose terms of the pact with AOL. But the agreement will see JumpTV programming made available on the "international" section of the AOL Video portal.

JumpTV's migration to AOL Video coincides with a shift by the Canadian webcaster from a subscription-only service to a free, ad-supported online video service for some of its content in the U.S. market. JumpTV earlier reached agreement with Joost to distribute some of its channels on the upstart web TV player.

In the latest move, Mike John-Baptiste, head of global distribution for JumpTV, said his company targeted AOL as its first mainstream U.S. distribution partner for free, live TV because of its "loyal users, an iconic brand and unmatched experience in online video programming."

Among the foreign channels to be distributed on the AOL Video portal are Abu Dhabi TV from the United Arab Emirates, Dream Turk TV from Turkey, Pakistan's HUM TV and Nicaragua's 100% Noticias service.