Meet the 'Jurassic Park' Adviser Behind the $25k Dumping Trump Robot on London’s Anti-Trump March

Dumping Trump - H - 2019
Credit: Don Lessem

A 16-foot robot of Trump sitting on the toilet — the brainchild of dinosaur expert Don Lessem — will be on the streets of London on Tuesday to protest the U.S. president.

When Donald Trump visited the U.K. last year, it was the Trump Baby — a 20-foot inflatable blimp of the U.S. president as a bright orange, diaper-wearing and phone-wielding baby — that stole the headlines, became the centerpiece of London’s anti-Trump demonstrations and came under attack from both Fox News and Rudy Giuliani.

This year, however, the blimp — which is due to soar once again over Parliament Square (at the time of writing it was being inflated) — has a rival for the column inches.

Introducing Dumping Trump, a 16-foot robot of Trump with his trousers down, sitting on a gold toilet, wearing a MAGA cap and, of course, tweeting. After being shipped over from a factory in China, the creation is now ready to take part in the demonstrations expected to attract hundreds of thousands of protestors to central London on the second day of Trump’s controversial state visit to the U.K.

The mechanical president is the brainchild of Don Lessem, a Philadelphia-based dinosaur expert who served as an adviser on Jurassic Park (“I’m the last name on the credits, which means I’m the most important person!” he tells The Hollywood Reporter), has been behind numerous dino exhibitions and theme parks (including Universal Studios) and happens to be an ardent — and rather imaginative — anti-Trump campaigner.

“I make robot dinosaurs in China and went to the factory and saw that they made all kinds of other frightening things,” he says. “And I thought, why not make something to honor our president in his most elegant pose. You’ve got Lincoln seated and surveying the Mall in Washington, and you have Trump, where he spends most of his time.”

Weighing in at a "couple of hundred pounds, the exact same weight as [Trump’s] ass," according to Lessem, Dumping Trump thankfully comes on wheels and can be pulled by just two people. And while it moves, the robot presses on a giant phone while mouthing phrases including “no collusion,” “stable genius” and “fake news,” which Lessem says were recorded from Trump himself.

“We also have farting sounds, but we couldn’t find actual recordings of his farts, so just used generic fart noises,” he adds. “Who knows, they might have been from another president.”

Dumping Trump didn’t come cheap, costing Lessem some $25,000 ($16,000 to build, $5,000 to ship and $4,000 to assemble). And he’s claimed the reactions to it have been largely split down the middle.

"Half the people, including in my family, think this is reducing the level of discourse and is not productive, while the other half think this is great: this is what satire is all about and this is how we get back," he says. "And of course I belong to the later."

Following the London march, which will move from Trafalgar Square to Parliament, within earshot of Downing Street while Trump holds talks with outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, Lessem says he has several plans for Dumping Trump.

“I’m going to fly it to the U.S. on the 4th of July as a patriotic tribute to the greatest American,” he says, adding that he’d also like to permanently build it into the wall between the U.S. and Mexico, to "intimidate any Mexicans who would be thinking of crossing."

Lessem also has a potential solution to some of the presidential issues he’s protesting. "If we just got more bran into his diet, he wouldn’t be so long in there and there’d be a whole lot less tweeting."