Just How Much Money Does Charlie Sheen Have?

The actor's spending habits -- $1 million in cars in a week, renting out the Astrodome -- are cited in a new GQ article.

Charlie Sheen's decision to purchase a $7.5 million dollar Beverly Hills home and a lavish spending details from a new GQ profile has raised the question of how much money the troubled actor has.

The article points to instances of Sheen renting out the Houston Astrodome so that a few friends can take batting practice.

Other spending moments cited in the piece include:

-- While Sheen was involved in personal rehab at his home, he spent more than $1 million on cars during his first substance-free week, adding to a large collection.

-- Promised a $5,000 payment by Sheen, porn star Kacey Jordan (Not the Bradys XXX) headed to his Beverly Hills home to party in January.

-- During the evening, Sheen allegedly purchased five snowball-sized lumps of cocaine worth $20,000 saying "I'll take them all."

-- Fifteen hours after arriving, Sheen wrote Jordan a check for $30,000.

The actor was receiving an estimated $1.2 million per episode while shooting Two and Half Men. Sheen told 20/20 that he needed the money from the program to support his family.

A friend told GQ that Sheen's Hollywood bank account will not allow the troubled actor to hit emotional rock bottom, and hurts his chances of recovering.

"Most people run out of money, they burn out, and then they finally hit rock bottom," Eric Braun said. "Charlie is not going to hit rock bottom financially, because he's got so much money he can't piss it away."

Braun said that many of Sheen's closest friends and family members do not have insight into how to help the troubled actor.

"The people closest to him wish we had a solution," said Braun, who, "Charlie apparently is in his own downward spiral. Every time I'm gone on location, I worry. Because there are just three options: rehab, jail, or death."

Sheen was the best man at Braun's wedding and Braun was a groomsman in Sheen's first two wedding -- he officiated the third. Braun doesn't drink to excess or do drugs.