Michael B. Jordan Defends Death Row Inmate Jamie Foxx in 'Just Mercy' Trailer

Brie Larson, Tim Blake Nelson, Rob Morgan, Rafe Spall and O'Shea Jackson also star in the biographical film.

Michael B. Jordan fights for justice in the first trailer for Warner Bros.' Just Mercy.

Based on the New York Times best-selling memoir by Bryan Stevenson, the biographical drama follows attorney Stevenson (Jordan) as he takes on the case of Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), a death row inmate accused of murder despite having evidence that proves his innocence.

Brie Larson, Tim Blake Nelson, Rob Morgan, Rafe Spall and O'Shea Jackson round out the cast. Destin Daniel Cretton directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Andrew Lanham.

The trailer opens with Stevenson asking McMillian to tell him how he ended up behind bars. "The first time I visited death row, I wasn't expecting to meet somebody the same age as me," says the attorney as clips show him embracing McMillian.

When Stevenson tells his mother that he wants to fight for McMillian because he could have ended up in the same situation, his mother responds that he is going to upset a lot of people by representing McMillian in court. "You always taught me to fight for people who need the help the most," he tells his mother.

After McMillian initially turns down Stevenson's offer to help him, the attorney opens a center to help prisoners on death row with the help of Eva Ansley (Larson).

Stevenson ultimately earns McMillian's trust when he goes out of his way to assure the prisoner's family that he is going to help him. A montage follows of McMillian in prison, as well as clips of Stevenson defending him in court. As the two men continue to work together, they form a strong bond.

"It's never too late for justice," Stevenson says in a voiceover as McMillian struggles in prison. Clips then show Stevenson preparing for the case and in the courtroom as the voiceover continues. "If we can look at ourself closely, we can change this world for the better. We all need grace. We all need mercy."

Just Mercy is the first movie to be staffed and filmed under WarnerMedia's company-wide drive for more diverse hiring.

The biographical film will have a limited release in theaters Dec. 25 before its wide release Jan. 10. Watch the full trailer above.