Berlin 2012: 'Just the Wind' Wins Amnesty Film Prize

Berlinale Film Festival
"Just the Wind"

The drama from Bence Fliegauf focuses on the plight of the Roma in Hungary.

BERLIN – Bence Fliegauf’s Just the Wind, the story of a murderous campaign against a Romany family in Hungary, has won this year’s Amnesty film prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The drama, which screened in competition at this year’s Berlinale, is based on the on an actual series of killings in Hungary that claimed eight lives in less than a year.

“The film shows, in an artistic way, the horrific situation of the Roma in Hungary,” the jury said in its decision.

The Amnesty film prized, backed by Amnesty International, comes with a $6500 (€5000) bursary. The prize is granted to films focusing on human rights issues.