Justin Bieber Performs "Where Are U Now," "What Do You Mean?" and "Sorry" at the 2015 American Music Awards

Getty Images

Fresh off his win, the singer closed the night with an energetic performance.

The 2015 American Music Awards ended with a performance from Justin Bieber. Bieber’s 2015 self-reinvention just put his new album, Purpose, atop the Billboard 200, so it was only fair that he got to close out the show at L.A.'s Microsoft Theater.

Following an introduction from Ciara, Bieber came out in his tattered hoodie to sing “What Do You Mean?” accompanied with only acoustic guitar. Then, he somberly broke into the opening verse of “Where Are U Now.” But things picked up: Bieber dropped the mic (literally!) and broke into dance with his backing troupe when the chorus kicked in.

And then, rain! That’s right: It started pouring onstage, and Bieber and his dance squad just kept going. Splashing through the puddles, Bieber sang “Sorry” to end the night.


This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.