Justin Bieber Apologizes to Bill Clinton for Video Insult

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Justin Bieber, Bill Clinton

The Canadian pop star tweeted at the American president two days after cursing him off.

Justin Bieber has gone into damage control mode after a leaked video showed him urinating into a janitor's mop bucket and yelling "F--k Bill Clinton" while defacing a photo of the former president. The pop star claims he spoke directly with Clinton on Wednesday and it can be assumed he apologized.

His apparent contrition is in response to an incident earlier this year, but only brought to light this week by TMZ, in which Bieber wrapped up an impromptu "piss break" in the basement of an New York City restaurant by spraying a photo of Clinton while barking the obscenity.

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After receiving a considerable amount of flack for the multiple offenses, Bieber reportedly contacted Clinton, who E! Online reports took it all in stride. Bieber is said to have offered to help the Clinton Global Initiative.

Clinton has not commented on the possible conversation; a message seeking confirmation was left at his Clinton Foundation office.

While he appears to have worked things out with the former president, it is not known if Bieber has reached out to the restaurant where he incorrectly relieved himself, or the actual mop bucket which, let's face it, deserved better.