Argentina Revokes Arrest Warrant for Justin Bieber

justin bieber - H 2015
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justin bieber - H 2015

A court has decided to revoke the warrant issued for an incident in 2013.

A court in Argentina has revoked an arrest warrant that was issued for Justin Bieber for a 2013 incident in Buenos Aires.

The decision was confirmed Wednesday by a court official familiar with the case who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to provide such information.

Judge Alberto Julio Banos had earlier ordered the "immediate detention" of Bieber and two of his bodyguards.

Bieber was accused of sending the bodyguards to attack a photographer outside a Buenos Aires nightclub during a 2013 South American tour. On the same trip, he apologized for defiling the Argentine flag on stage and got into trouble with police for allegedly spraying graffiti in Brazil and Colombia.

Bieber never returned to Argentina to respond to questions about the incident.