Justin Bieber Breaks Silence, Compares Self to Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber's Shenanigans
Joe Pugliese

So what’s precipitating Bieber’s shenanigans?

“I think his moments of anger come from his resentment toward the ridicule [and] of being judged for things, which a lot of times he hasn’t even done,” says Braun. Spitting on his fans (as he did from a Toronto hotel balcony in July)? “Justin was playing the loogie game with his friends over the freaking porch! They put two separate pictures together, implied something, and the whole world ran with it.”

The pop star posted a side-by-side picture of himself and the King of Pop to Instagram a day after his DUI arrest in Miami Beach.

Justin Bieber has broken his silence following his DUI arrest in Miami Beach Thursday, posting a picture to his Instagram account in which he compares himself to Michael Jackson.

After being released from jail, Bieber climbed on top of a car to wave to the fans waiting outside the facility.

On Friday, he posted a picture of that next to one of Jackson stepping on top of a car and waving to his fans.

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Bieber captioned the picture "What more can they say" followed by a crown icon, presumably a reference to Jackson's "King of Pop" nickname.

The picture is the first comment or social media post from Bieber since Thursday's arrest.

Jackson's picture was taken following his January 2004 arraignment on child molestation charges. The King of Pop pled not guilty and then climbed on top of an SUV outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Jackson was later found not guilty of all charges.

Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, and father Jeremy have also spoken out via Twitter.

Braun posted the following two messages, expressing support for his client, but also saying he would "act in the manner of someone who truly cares."


Bieber's father, Jeremy, meanwhile, defended himself against reports that he was with his son before and after the younger Bieber's arrest.

Check out Justin's Instagram photo below.