Knight in Shining Armor Justin Bieber Defends Kylie Jenner's Cornrows

justin bieber - H 2015
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justin bieber - H 2015

Via Instagram comment, naturally.

When it comes to Instagram, no one is safe. At least, not when you're a megafamous teen superstar.

Two people who know this better than anyone are Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner, who each had little Insta-snafus over the past week. Bieber, who faced an, ahem, backlash after he bared his bum on his account, issued an apology to the "littles" (i.e., young fans) that follow him and removed the picture shortly after (but not before the Internet made it the meme of the day).

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So when Jenner was reprimanded by 16-year-old Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg for her cornrows — which sparked a media conversation about black cultural appropriation — the Biebs knew her pain. 

The 21-year-old came to Jenner's defense via Instagram comment (which was captured by Elle), saying, "Guys leave her alone, were all trying to figure it out and she happens to be under a microscope! I'm the first to know this."

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The Biebs continued by addressing Stenberg's accusations of racism, noting, "But saying she's racist because she wants her hair in braids is ridiculous. lets focus on the bigger picture and instead of fighting over something stupid lets do something about equality, but it doesn't start here blasting a 17 year old kid for wearing braids smh." 

Leave it to Bieber, the new voice of reason, to help us get our priorities straight.

fail to use your position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards your wigs," Amandla Stenberg wrote about Jenner."]