Justin Bieber Removes His Butt From Instagram

justin bieber - H 2015
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justin bieber - H 2015

Apparently he forgot that young kids follow him.

Even those who don’t follow Justin Bieber on Instagram would have had a hard time missing his bare bum last week after he posted a shot in which he was on a boat, nude, looking off in the distance. Miley Cyrus reposted it, but not before adding a Kim Kardashian–sized rear to the pop singer. And Chrissy Teigen took it as an opportunity to share her own hubby’s naked backside, perhaps taunting Insta for its censorship of her nipples.


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But this weekend the Biebs took the shot down, and offered up an explanation alongside a fully clothed image. "Hey I deleted the photo of my butt on Instagram not because I thought it was bad but someone close to me's daughter follows me and she was embarrassed that she saw my butt and I totally wasn't thinking in that aspect. And I felt awful that she felt bad," read the caption.


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Although his Calvin Klein ads are only slightly more PG-13, he apparently briefly forgot about his slew of underage fans. Bieber’s caption continued, "To anyone I may have offended I’m so sorry. It was completely pure hearted as a joke but didn’t take into account there are littles following me!!! Love u guys."

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