Justin Bieber Escapes Felony Charge, Tour Assistant Busted with Pot

AP Photo/Op and Buffalo David Bitton
Justin Bieber

The pop singer won't face attempted robbery charges following a cell phone incident, while his former tour assistant has been handed a 12-month good behavior bond.

Justin Bieber's executive assistant on the pop star's most recent tour of Australia has been handed a 12-month good behavior bond after he was busted with pot at an airport.

Terrence Reche Smalls, who no longer works for the Canadian singer, pleaded guilty via phone on Friday to two charges of importing border-controlled drugs with a lack of commercial intent.

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The Brisbane Magistrates Court handed down a 12-month good behavior bond, and told Smalls he must pay Australian $1,000 ($941) if he breached it, according to the AAP. Smalls was reportedly caught with cannabis plant material and resin weighing 13 grams when Bieber and his entourage arrived in Brisbane last November for the start of the Believe tour.

Smalls' defense lawyer Jeff Hunter said his client accepted responsibility for packing the bag and its illegal contents, having initially claimed to have no knowledge of it.

Bieber's Australia tour made international headlines when the singer painted graffiti on the walls of a Gold Coast hotel and earned a serious dressing-down from the city’s mayor for his efforts. Even the state of Queensland's attorney-general offered some words on the issue. "Justin Bieber is a role model to many young people so, if the claims are correct, it is disappointing that he did this without permission," Jarrod Bleijie told reporters at the time.

The pot stories wafting around Bieber and his entourage have an international aroma. Last year, U.S. border agents found marijuana on Bieber's tour bus as it crossed into Detroit from Windsor, Canada.

There was an episode on a flight from Canada to Teterboro, New Jersey, earlier this year, when Bieber's private plane was reportedly so full of pot smoke the pilots wore oxygen masks so they wouldn't risk inhaling and failing any subsequent drug test. And Bieber had apparently been smoking the green stuff (and taking prescription drugs for anxiety) before his arrest for DUI in Miami Beach earlier in the year. 

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As for the pop star himself, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office has declined to file a felony charge against Bieber in an alleged tussle with a woman over a cell phone at a family entertainment center. The case was referred to the Los Angeles city attorney's office for consideration of a possible misdemeanor prosecution.

The woman said Bieber pulled her phone out of her purse to see if she was videotaping him when he was at a batting cage. She showed him she was not.

The district attorney's report Thursday stated that the woman also said her daughter was crying, but when police interviewed the girl, she said she was crying out of excitement at seeing the star.

A portion of this article originally appeared on Billboard.com.