Justin Bieber Gets Tatted in 'Comedy Central Roast' Teaser (Video)

Comedy Central

The singer prepares to be the next roast target by getting a bull's-eye tattooed on his back.

Justin Bieber is ready to be Comedy Central's next roast target, and he's getting the tattoo to prove it.

In a teaser released Tuesday, the singer is shown getting a huge bull's-eye tattooed on his back by the network's "Roastmaster General," Jeffrey Ross.

When Bieber asks how his new tattoo looks, Ross responds: "It's f—ing perfect."

On the Oscars red carpet, Kevin Hart forewarned that he wouldn't be holding anything back during the upcoming #BieberRoast. "I'm gonna kill Bieber. ... I'm gonna kill him," Hart told Ryan Seacrest. "It's friendly, but I'm going to give him a couple shots. I'm gonna give him a couple real shots that he's not expecting."

Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast airs on March 30 at 10 p.m.