Justin Bieber Is the 'Real Deal' and Will Have a Long Career Says Reality TV Producer

Justin Bieber Never Say Never 2011
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Reality TV producer Dan Cutforth, who along with Magical Elves partner Jane Lipsitz directed and produced "Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never," says the teen heartthrob will be around for a while.

BANFF, ALBERTA -- Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Not Justin Bieber, says Dan Cutforth, half of the Magical Elves producing team along with Jane Lipsitz that produced Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never.

The Canadian-born heartthrob can not only look forward to a long career after surviving his teenage years, Cutforth predicted, but will sport a healthy mop of hair for decades to come.

“I met his (Justin Bieber’s) dad and he has a good thick head of hair. That said, it skips generations and his grandfather is not a huge man. We’ll see,” Cutforth said after delivering a keynote address at the Banff World Media Festival.

Magical Elves is one of the busiest reality TV producers around, with hit shows like Top Chef, Project Runway and Work of Art among its credits.

Other reality series on its plate includes America’s Next Great Restaurant and Fashion Star for NBC, new seasons of the Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef: Just Desserts and Work of Art: The Next Great Artist for Bravo, and Braxton Family Values for WeTV.

But Cutforth insists Justin Bieber’s concert film was like capturing lightening in a bottle and the indie producer is doing the studio rounds in search of another movie subject that captures the zeitgeist.

“We’re absolutely meeting with a number of studios to talk about different opportunities. We’ve been meeting with different ideas with different talents to figure out what’s the next move for us,” he said.

“The good thing is it’s not our core business, but it’s relatively easy to mobilize if the right idea comes along. We’re not trying to force anything,” Cutforth added.