Justin Bieber and James Corden Open "Yummy"-Inspired Food Truck

Justin Bieber joins James Corden on The Late Late Show - Food Truck - Publicity -H 2020
Terence Patrick/CBS

The singer and host sold tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches during the 'Late Late Show' segment, with all the profits going to the L.A. Food Bank.

Justin Bieber and James Corden teamed up to open a food truck during Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

The segment opened with Corden admitting that he didn't know how to drive the truck. "This is not a good start," said Bieber. Once Bieber helped Corden get the truck in motion, the two sang about being "food dudes" to commemorate their new business.

They later discussed what type of food their business would sell. "You're Canadian. I'm British," noted Corden and suggested that they sell tacos called "Despatacos," launching into a slightly modified version of "Despacito." The CBS host added that they should also serve grilled cheese sandwiches.

After agreeing on the menu items, Corden said their customers should only pay what they think the dishes deserve. He added that all the profits would go to the L.A. Food Bank.

When the food truck opened, Bieber chose to make the grilled cheese sandwiches and Corden was in charge of the fish tacos.

Corden informed the first customer who approached the truck that Bieber was working in the back. After the singer walked over to say hello, the customer excitedly said, "Are you kidding me?"

The host instructed the same customer to take a bite of his taco and pay what he thought the dish deserved. After taking a bite, the man declared that he would pay "three yummies."

Another customer called Bieber over to the front window. "Can I meet you? I'm your biggest fan," she said. After stating that she's allergic to fish, Bieber asked if she wanted a grilled cheese. She responded, "Are they cooked on the same grill as the fish? 'Cause then I'll die."

After feeding a sandwich to another customer, Corden asked him to make a donation. The man admitted that he didn't have cash on him, and the host replied, "We don't take cards, so you really should have said that before you bit the sandwich."

Bieber later took over working the front window, while Corden cooked in the back of the truck. He let the pressure of working in back get to him and snapped at Bieber. "I feel like I'm doing all of the cooking and you're just talking to people," yelled Corden.

A large crowd gathered as the day continued. Corden and Bieber tried to accommodate anyone with food allergies and offered Bieber's biggest fan an avocado.

At the end of the day, the singer and host admitted that they did not have what it takes to run a food truck. "About halfway through I knew it was a terrible idea," said Corden. "You stick to singing. I stick to hosting."

The segment concluded with Corden asking the crowd if anyone wanted to buy the food truck, though no one offered to take on the business.

Bieber and Corden also had dance lessons given by toddlers during the episode. While dancing to Bieber's 2009 hit "Baby," the men did the floss dance, attempted to do cartwheels and spun around on the ground.

Watch the full food truck segment below.