Who Wore It Best, VMAs Edition: Justin Bieber vs. Jared Leto

AP Images/Invision
Jared Leto and Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber and Jared Leto, two of America's best-tressed men, both turned up at the VMAs in buttoned-up black polka dots shirts and heavy leather jackets — but what we really want to know is, who wore it better?

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Bieber channeled his inner 2008-era Kate Gosselin with a "swoop"-tastic hair 'do to complement the ripped denim and desert booties with which he paired his Saint Laurent ensemble.

Leto, on the other hand, took his look (also Saint Laurent) in an entirely different direction. He of the ever-changing hair color was sporting a pink hue for the occasion, and he kept his baby blues under wraps with opaque black aviators.

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Based on both Leto's and Bieber's past outrageous looks, this occasion was particularly mild. As for who wore it better, we'll let you decide.