Justin Bieber Attempts to Teach Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon playing hockey on The Tonight Show NBC - Publicity still - H 2020

The Canadian pop star and late-night host spent the day at an ice rink, where they traded backhanded compliments and sang "O Canada."

Justin Bieber taught Jimmy Fallon everything he knows about hockey during Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The segment opened with the Canadian pop star helping Fallon put on his hockey equipment. While lacing up Fallon's skates, Bieber said that his favorite hockey player is Alexander Nordique. After the host said that the athlete's "cool," Bieber revealed that he made the name up.

Once Bieber was dressed in his Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and Fallon donned a New York Rangers uniform, the two skated onto the ice.

The singer began the lesson by instructing Fallon on how to properly move his feet while skating. The host noted that the movements were like making the shapes of "pizza, french fries," though Bieber said that Fallon was confused with skiing.

After Fallon became more comfortable on the ice, Bieber walked him through a number of drills. The singer quickly skated from one end of the ice rink to the other before he instructed Fallon to do the same.

The host hesitantly mimicked Bieber's drills, though fell to his knees while trying to stop and continued by crawling on the ice. Bieber attempted to help the host get up, though he ended up dragging Fallon across the ice with his hockey stick.

Bieber next skated through cones while directing the puck. While the singer seamlessly accomplished the task, Fallon had a much more difficult time navigating his way between the cones. The host even kicked the puck at one point, which prompted Bieber to direct a disappointed look at the camera.

Fallon later suggested that they give each other backhanded compliments while doing backhand shots. "Have you lost weight? You look a lot better than the last time I've seen you," said Bieber. Fallon replied, "I really like your mustache. I love that it's not quite skeevy."

The singer and host went head-to-head with a shootout. Bieber successfully scored the first goal, while Fallon missed during his first attempt. Unsurprisingly, Bieber won the game by being the first player to score five points.

Their day on the ice concluded with Bieber singing "O Canada" as he and Fallon rode on the zamboni.

Watch the full segment below.