Justin Bieber Approves of J.R. Martinez on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Martinez says singer gave him kudos backstage on the show -- he's just not sure what for.

It's not clear whether Dancing With the Stars has boosted oxygen flow to the studio this season or if the elevation of the remodeled sky-box is just making contestants delirious, but there's been a noticeable increase in slaphappy antics in the stars' holding pen.

Naturally, introducing Justin Bieber to the equation only bolstered the levity.

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The 17-year-old singer made his first appearance on the show Tuesday, prompting a karaoke outburst from J.R. Martinez during an interview with Brooke Burke.

J.R. belted a few lines of Bieber's "Never Say Never," before quite clearly losing track of the lyrics. Fortunately for him, Bieber seemed to approve.

"After I did that, we had to go down and find out if we were safe or in jeopardy," Martinez said after the show. "He was backstage and he came up and was like, 'Yo, great job.' I don't know if he meant great job doing everything on the show or great job singing the song. I personally don't think it was for singing the song."

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If Bieber really is loving his moves on the show, J.R. probably shouldn't feel too beaten up about falling down the leader board or his lackluster reception by the judges this week.

But he might want to consider galvanizing Bieber's fanbase.  

"If we get his people to vote, man we don't need to worry about anything," Martinez said laughing. "We'll be good into season 15, 14 and 16."