Justin Bieber: L.A. Sheriff Recommends Felony Charges in Egg-Throwing Case

Justin Bieber

The vandalism investigation is now in the hands of the District Attorney's office to be considered for felony prosecution, the sheriff's office confirmed to THR.

Still dealing with the fallout from his recent DUI, Justin Bieber's prior bad behavior could have very serious legal repercussions. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has recommended that felony charges be pursued in the investigation into allegations that he threw eggs at a neighbor's home in his gated Calabasas, Calif., community. 

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"Detectives from the Malibu Sheriff's station presented the vandalism investigation to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office [Thursday] for consideration for criminal filing," public information officer Nicole Nishida told The Hollywood Reporter

"The District Attorney's office will review the case and decide whether to file the case as a felony or misdemeanor, or reject the case," she explained.

Having caused an estimated $20,000 in damage to the house, the incident was "deemed a felony because of the cost of the damage," added Nishida. 

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Bieber was initially named as a suspect in a misdemeanor vandalism and assault crime report for allegedly throwing eggs at the house, while his neighbor and neighbor's daughter were on the balcony reportedly videotaping the incident. 

The singer is already scheduled to go to court in Miami Beach on March 3 to face charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. Bieber's attorneys have filed a written plea of not guilty for the three misdemeanors, therefore canceling his arraignment date previously scheduled for Feb. 14. His sounding date is now set for Feb. 19. 

Bieber's trial in Miami is set for just one week before his recently scheduled Toronto court date for an assault charge in which he allegedly struck a limousine driver on the back of the head several times on Dec. 30. He turned himself in to Toronto police last week.