Justin Bieber Movie Preview Hits Hometown

Locals in Stratford, Ontario will attend a preview of the Paramount biopic-concert film Thursday night.

TORONTO -- Justin Bieber is giving 65 of his nearest and dearest friends a sneak preview of Never Say Never on Thursday night – in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario.

Stratford mayor Dan Mathieson and local music promoter Nathan McKay on Wednesday held a draw on the steps of Stratford’s Avon Theatre – where young Bieber used to busk – for 65 locals, mostly tween girls, to receive two tickets each to a sneak preview of Paramount’s biopic-concert hybrid movie.

The police and private security will be on hand for the Thursday night screening to prevent a stampede of the theatre should the Twittersphere spawn a local Bieber sighting, Mathieson told the local Beacon & Herald newspaper. "You won't get in the door without showing a ticket," he said.

Mathieson insisted Bieber will not attend his hometown screening, but family members will be on hand in his place. Nathan McKay supplied early footage of Bieber performing in Stratford for the Never Say Never movie.

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