'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Producer Emphasizes Importance of Social Media

Paramount Pictures

Producer David Nicksay says the movie engaged fans via Facebook while it was in production.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’s executive producer David Nicksay emphasised the importance of engaging movie audiences with social media, Saturday at the Visual Effects Society Production Summit.

He related that when the Justin Beiber movie was in production, the filmmakers used Facebook to ask fans to submit home videos that might be included in the movie.

The result: The server crashed in one hour and an estimated 100,000 video were submitted within 24 hours.

“That sort of participation from the audience is where we need to go,” Nicksay suggested. “They’re stakeholders in the final product.”

On 3D, he predicted, “there is a horizon at which this is just going to happen.

“We think it’s about the movies,” he said, suggesting instead that 3D would start to be used with a variety of devices. “Maybe tablets, maybe phones are gong to (bring) 3D in to your life before home entertainment," he said. "Have you ever seen Excel in 3D?”