'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Might Get Director's-Cut Release While Still in Theaters

Paramount Pictures

The movie would have to be resubmitted to the ratings board, and insiders tell THR that it could just as easily be held and released on the Web and DVD.

Looking for a way to feed Bieber Fever at the box office, Paramount is considering releasing a special director's cut of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never while the film is still in theaters.

It’s a novel idea, since it would give Bieber's rabid girl fan base a reason to go see the movie again. But the logistics are complicated, and insiders caution that the updated version could just as easily be held and released on the web and DVD.

Director Jon M. Chu has been working on the new version, but isn’t done. And he’s now on his way to Europe with Bieber’s team for the premiere of Never Say Never in London and then Paris.

Chu will be back by the weekend and work on the special cut. Paramount wants to make a decision by early next week, so that moviegoers will be able to see the updated version during the film's third weekend in release.

Also, Paramount will have to resubmit Never Say Never to the ratings board. But since a new rating isn't being requested, the original film could stay in theaters pending the review of the new scenes.

If the director's cut was released in theaters, it would probably only play in 3D runs, since the cost of digital prints is nominal compared to regular prints. Film opened in 3,105 theaters over the weekend, including 2,516 3D runs.

Never Say Never outpaced expectations with its $29.5 million debut, but there's always the chance the film could see a big drop. The movie's cume is $30.2 million, including special Feb. 9 shows.

No decision has been made about what footage would be used. One idea is to incorporate scenes that moviegoers expressed an interest in seeing during test screenings. A videographer also has been documenting Bieber.

New York Magazine’s Vulture website first reported Paramount’s plan.