Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom Fight: The Greatest Reactions (Photos)

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Bloom as Legolas - H 2013
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The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Bloom as Legolas - H 2013

Legolas makes a major resurgence after the actor allegedly threw a punch at the singer.

The (almost) punch heard 'round the world continues to captivate the Internet.

After Orlando Bloom reportedly threw a punch at Justin Bieber Wednesday in Ibiza, meme-makers quickly got busy, combining Lord of the Rings-style deaths with photos of the singer.

Before looking at some of the best, first catch up with some background via Tolkien-fanatic Stephen Colbert.


Next, take a look at this meme, which is much more gruesome than what actually went down (Bloom reportedly did not land his punch). Part of the footage below is from Bieber being killed in a 2011 episode of CSI in which he played a serial bomber.

credit: http://gandalfdiyentirbuson.tumblr.com/

We never would have described what happened as a cat fight … until now.

Credit: http://mtvother.tumblr.com/

Legolas dispatched of Bieber much more effectively than Bloom did.

Credit: arturoki.tumblr.com

The moment was so emotional that tough guys cried.

Gimli always has to be the critic.

Speaking of Gimli, some thought he had at least one thing in common with Bieber.

While the details of the supposed beef are hazy, one thing is clear: Lord of the Rings fans make more memes than Beliebers.