Justin Bieber Recording PSA to Resolve 2009 Mall Appearance Fiasco

Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

The pop singer will appear in an anti-cyberbullying public service announcement in exchange for charges against his manager and a record executive being dropped.

Justin Bieber will record a public service announcement on cyberbullying in order to to negate criminal charges filed against his manager and a record executive in 2009, reports the Associated Press.

The incident occurred during a fan event at a New York mall, when police canceled the teen star's autograph signing session after thousands of unruly fans showed up. Bieber's manager, Scott Braun, and Def Jam Records executive James Roppo were charged with fire code violations for failing to help disperse the crowds.

Roppo was arrested at the time, and Braun was accused of child endangerment months later when he refused to tell fans via Twitter that Bieber wouldn't appear at the signing.

Prosecutors announced Friday that they would drop both charges.

Said County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, "To have someone like Justin Bieber, who is emulated by kids his age across the world, educating people about the dangers of cyberbullying, that's invaluable."