Justin Bieber Released Following LAX Detainment


The Canadian singer was held by authorities at a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol area on Thursday after he landed in Los Angeles from Asia, but was set free later that evening.

Justin Bieber's latest run-in with the authorities occurred as soon as he landed on American soil on Thursday, when the 20-year-old Canadian singer was detained at LAX.

Bieber was questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials at Los Angeles International Airport from a trip to Asia; however, no formal action was taken.

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He was released after three to four hours, a spokesperson for Bieber told The Hollywood Reporter

Earlier in the day, the pop star's Miami trial for driving under the influence and other charges was delayed until May, after his lawyers asked for more time to examine evidence and discuss whether to accept a possible plea deal.

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Bieber is also being investigated in Los Angeles County for vandalism following an incident in Calabasas, where he allegedly egged a neighbor's home in January. 

It is standard procedure for non-citizens and foreign nationals to be detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) upon entering the U.S. if they have allegedly committed a prior crime, and Thursday's incident does not mean that Bieber is at risk of being deported, despite a recent petition to the White House demanding that he be returned to Canada.

U.S. immigration law states that authorities do not revoke an individual's visa (Bieber is living in the U.S. thanks to an O-1 visa, issued to anyone with "extraordinary ability or achievement" in their field, including the arts) unless the person has been convicted of a violent crime or sentenced to more than one year of imprisonment, neither of which are applicable to DUI offenses.