Justin Bieber Roast: Nothing Off Limits, Says Comedy Central

Justin Bieber - H 2015
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Justin Bieber - H 2015

The upcoming roast of Justin Bieber will have zero limitations โ€” as in, everything is fair game โ€” this according to a spokesperson for Comedy Central.

Justin Bieber's upcoming Comedy Central roast will be no-holds-barred, a spokesperson for the network tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Regarding the roast, the spokesperson tells THR, "Everything is fair game — no holds barred/no strings attached."

There's been a lot of speculation across the Internet that Bieber only agreed to the roast on the condition that certain sensitive topics — urinating in a mop bucket, the DUI arrest, Selena Gomez, the infamous Calvin Klein photos — would be kept off limits, but Comedy Central says this isn't the case. It will be a free-for-all.

Bieber announced the roast on Tuesday, saying he's wanted Comedy Central to roast him for years.


Roastmaster Jeff Ross wrote, "Good morning! I feel like I just woke up in roast heaven."