Justin Bieber Set to Play Friday London Concert a Day After Collapse

AMA Justin Bieber Artist of the Year Award - H 2012
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AMA Justin Bieber Artist of the Year Award - H 2012

During his Thursday gig, the star had to leave the stage of the British capital's O2 Arena for 20 minutes due to breathing problems.

LONDON -- Justin Bieber is on track to perform at the O2 Arena here Friday night after having to interrupt a Thursday concert at the same venue due to breathing problems.

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"Good morning everyone. As things stand Justin Bieber is still set to perform the [fourth and] final night of his shows at The O2 this evening," the official Twitter feed of the venue said early Friday.

During Thursday's performance, the singer left the stage to take a 20-minute break to receive oxygen, a rep told The Hollywood Reporter. He collapsed backstage, but after being treated by EMTs and a doctor, he returned to finish his set to big applause. He then went to an area hospital.

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Fans expressed their excitement about the news that the Friday gig was expected to take place as planned. "Omg u dnt know how happy I am to c this," one fan tweeted. "So pleased my daughter will be so happy," a parent said.

In the early morning hours of Friday, Bieber had already tweeted about his improving physical state. "Getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight," he said. "Best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love."

He also posted on social media a picture of himself lying in his hospital bed with headphones on. "Getting better listening to Janis Joplin," he said.

Overnight, fans who were at Thursday's concert also lauded him for finishing his gig.

"U were amazing, I'm so proud of u for coming back on," one fan tweeted to Bieber. "I couldn't ask for a better idol, thank you. I love you, get better soon."
Another one wrote: "LOVE YOU it was amazing even though you went off! You didn't have to apologise!!! We love you!"

And a third one posted: "I really hope you're okay! It was so sweet of you to finish the concert for the fans."

The London tour stop has been a challenging one for the 19-year-old singer. On Monday, fans and their parents expressed frustration when Bieber started a concert nearly two hours later than advertised. While the young fans were kept waiting inside the O2 Arena, parents started converging on the venue expecting to pick up their children.

Fans tweeting from inside the venue said there were boos from the crowd. Bieber later apologized, blaming the delay on technical issues.

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