#SocialGathering: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's Dance-Off; Justin Bieber Snaps Back at 'NYT'

tom hiddleston and taylor swift Split - Getty - H 2016
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tom hiddleston and taylor swift Split - Getty - H 2016

And Bette Midler's fans warn her against Beyonce.

Can't keep up with what's been going on in the social media world? Fret not. Here, a gathering of what the stars have been up to this week on social media.

Megyn Kelly’s Marriage: Relationship Goals?

The Met Ball got the Humans of New York treatment earlier this week — with the most interesting tale coming from Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s husband, Douglas Brunt. Brunt recounted his first date with his wife that included everything a perfect date must have: a bodyguard and an after-hours do-over kiss in a hotel room.

Met Gala Trends Fuel Shopping Sprees

Social media/shopping app Polyvore revealed its most searched items post-Met Gala. There was a huge bump in searches for heeled combat boots (as seen on Selena Gomez and Michelle Williams, both in Louis Vuitton), cutout dresses (as seen on Karlie Kloss) and ponytails (as seen on Elle Fanning). But the biggest trend of all? Dark lips, rocked by Taylor Swift and Poppy Delevingne.

Vogue Debuts Video Portraits at Met Gala

The future of portraits just might be videos. Filmmaker Gordon von Steiner created digital portraits of Met Gala guests for Vogue — fitting for the "Manus x Machina" theme. “The idea is to take the traditional photo booth and flip it on its head, to create something futuristic and unexpected,” said Steiner in an interview with Instagram. Users were mesmerized by the portraits, as they undoubtedly were the first time some of the participants (the Olsen twins, Alber Elbaz and Kate Hudson included) danced on camera or allowed such vulnerability in a futuristic video format.


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What Do U Mean?

The New York Times posted a lackluster review of Justin Bieber's May 6 performance in Brooklyn on Instagram, insinuating that the singer has an apathetic onstage vibe. Bieber, his own best publicist, fired back on Twitter: “The media really loves to twist things. Glad we have social media so they can’t twist me. I love people. Plain and simple. I love people.” File the Biebz under: "Celebs who love people."


“You guys ever feel like sleeping all day?” There was @justinbieber, laying flat at center stage at @barclayscenter in Brooklyn last night, eyes fixed on the ceiling. “That’s me all the time,” he continued. “This morning, I hit my snooze button 7 times, like, ‘Don’t wake me up!’” You’d think a teen-pop #heartthrob would happily take to the stage of a major New York venue. But @justinbieber wore isolation like a heavy shroud throughout this concert, his first of 2 in Brooklyn. As his Beliebers cheered him on and @chadbatka photographed him for a @nytimes review, @justinbieber told all of them (twice) how much he missed the comfort of his bed. The Beliebers screamed even louder. “Maybe they didn’t hear him,” writes @joncaramanica. “Maybe no one really hears him.” Follow @joncaramanica to see videos from last night’s #JustinBieber show.

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Lena Dunham Learns the Perks of a Friendship With Jenna Lyons

What to do when you're a bridesmaid and desperately want to customize your "lewk," all while sticking to the bride-to-be’s color theme? If you’re Lena Dunham, you phone pal Jenna Lyons and go custom. Dunham posted a photo of personalized sequined skirts the Girls star and her fellow bridesmaids wore to her childhood friend’s wedding. How original.


The devil is in the details #bridesmaids #gomezandmorticia

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"Basic" (But Not Basic) Cartoons

It’s only a matter of time before J.Crew associate designer Julie Houts’ Instagram totally blows up. The artist posts her chic drawings of a relatable, unnamed character who does "all the things” in an edgy way. The account encompasses everything that many deem “basic,” but the humor spins it around. Engagement is high, people are tagging their friends, and her following has picked up steam. Go ahead and follow now, before everyone else does.


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The Beyhive Still Is Buzzing Over Becky With the Good Hair

Food Network star Rachael Ray is moving past the whole Lemonade-Becky thing by making guacamole out of avocados. But regardless, the Beyhive is relentless, still confusing Ray with Rachel Roy — who has denied that she is “Becky with the good hair.”


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Bring ‘Em Out, Bring ‘Em Out!

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift dancing to T.I. isn’t something that you would anticipate ever seeing, but thanks to the Met Ball, it happened. Hiddleston, you’re a natural.


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Brandon Maxwell, Three Ways

Model Karlie Kloss wore a white Brandon Maxwell cutout gown, complete with a cape, to the 2016 Met Ball. Styled by Karla Welch, the look was executed to perfection. Unfortunately, wearing white is a blessing and a curse — Kloss spilled red wine on the gown and met up with Maxwell to have him take a pair of scissors to the bottom half of the look. Kloss posted a GIF that showed all three looks that she ended up wearing that night.


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The Divine With the Queen

A photo of a Marc Jacobs-clad Bette Midler and Beyonce at the Met Ball surfaced on Midler’s Twitter account this week. Glad to know the Divine Miss M is a fan of Queen Bey, but the same can’t be said about Midler’s fans, who battled it out in the replies, claiming Beyonce is not a queen and criticizing the lack of eye contact. They also warned Midler about touching “Becky’s skin.”