Justin Bieber Song, "Dr. Bieber," Leaks (Listen)

The tune addresses "Bieber Fever."

Justin Bieber's new tune, "Dr. Bieber," has leaked online.

The lyrics address "Bieber Fever" -- and he raps! (His has Tweeted his alter ego rap name is "Shawty Mane.")

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"Bieber Fever spreading rapidly and it's uncurable. I repeat uncurable/I got a PhD, I don't need a fake ID/ You females know of me, I'm so sick with no IV/ J-U-S-T Bieber Fever on the street, time to realize I'm the beast."

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"This is not a cold, not a flu, not a sickness. This is good and doesn't hurt to get this...You were never cured and you never will regret this."

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