Justin Bieber Stops Concert in Turkey to Honor Muslim Prayer Call

Oct. 11, 2012: Justin Bieber

A SWAT team descended upon Justin Bieber's home in Calabasas, Calif., after an emergency call was transmitted around 1:40 a.m claiming there was someone there with a weapon.

Audience members took to Twitter to express their respect for the teen pop star after his well-received gesture.

Amid an international tour plagued with missteps, Justin Bieber is being recognized for doing good during Thursday’s concert in Turkey.

The pop star paused twice during his Istanbul performance to honor Azan -- the Islamic call to prayer Muslims observe five times daily.

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“I’m not a Justin Bieber fan but as a Muslim, I got a lot of respect for him cos of what he did,” one Twitter user posted user after E! Online first reported the news.

Wrote another, “You can hate all you want, but he earned my respect.” Later adding: “Muslim performers don’t even do what you did.”

The well-received gesture is a step in the right direction for Bieber, who drew jeers after a lighthearted comment in the visitors’ book at the Anne Frank house, lost his pet monkey to German customs and reportedly failed to present travel documents to airport officials when he and his entourage arrived in Istanbul. Last month, Bieber's tour bus was searched by authorities in Sweden, who reportedly uncovered unidentified drugs and a stun gun. No arrests were made.