Justin Bieber Trapped in Hotel Amid Fan Frenzy


“CRAZY,” he Tweets as he is ordered to stay inside his suite in London.


LONDON - Police have surrounded the teen sensation Justin Bieber’s $1,500 dollar-a-night hotel in Liverpool after hundreds screaming Beliebers gathered outside chanting and screaming for the singer to come out. In scenes reminiscent of Beatlemania, which gripped the city five decades ago, Liverppol police have been forced to form a barricade around the city-centre hotel and close down the surrounding streets to accommodate the hysteria.
Bieber, who is due to perform in Liverpool tomorrow, is staying in the Beatles-themed Hard Day’s Night hotel and is on police advice not to leave until the crowd of screaming fans eventually disperse.
But hotel manager Mike Dewey denied reports that the hotel is in lockdown.
“It’s very good natured. People who have reservations in the restaurant are still coming in and people are drinking in the bars. It’s just a bit louder than usual,” he said. There have been no reports of injuries. There are about a thousand fans there.
"The police are managing the situation but people can still get in and out, there’s no sense of threat," added Dewey, as the sound of fans screaming Bieber’s name could be clearly heard on the phoneline. “I feel a bit sorry for the people around the hotel, but for the majority of girls outside, they are having a great time. He’s easiest the biggest star we have had here for years.”
Bieber is due to perform at Liverpool’s Echo Arena Friday night -if he ever gets out of the hotel, that is. 
“THIS IS CRAZY!” Bieber, 17, Tweeted. “i cant even say hi to my fans outside cuz of the police. some bull.”