Justin Bieber Tweets (Another) Tattoo, Hints at Hosting, Performing on 'Saturday Night Live'

Justin Bieber Native American Tattoo - S 2013
Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber Native American Tattoo - S 2013

The Pop Prince tweeted his latest ink, explaining that it's dedicated to his late grandfather.

Justin Bieber posted an Instagram photo this weekend to show off his brand new body art: a junior Canadian hockey team logo on the back of his left shoulder blade. And in case you're counting, this is the tenth tattoo.

“My grandfather always took me to the stratford culliton every friday night,” Bieber tweeted. "This is for u Grampa.”

Bieber refers to his mom Pattie Mallette’s stepfather, Bruce, who was key in helping raise him along with his mother and grandmother.

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His collection — which started at age 16 --  includes ten pieces of skin art, all very meaningful to him.

His first was the Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his right arm. He and his dad both have small bird tattoos; Justin’s is on his hip.

He also has a Hebrew tattooon his ribcage, a large Jesus with a crown of thorns on his left leg and praying hands inked on his left leg. 

He had “Believe” put on his left arm,  a crown tattoo on his chest, an owl on his left forearm and just last week added roses to his praying hands tat.

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And now, voila! The piece de resistance (and can we hope for the finale?): the emblem of the Canadian hockey team, Stratford Culliton, which resembles a Native American Indian. The latest ink is courtesy of Chente from Under the Gun Tattoo.

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Bieber also took to Twitter this morning to reveal he may very well be hosting and performing on a special episode of SNL in the near future.  “Maybe I’m hosting and performing on SNL … maybe. : )”