Justin Bieber Under Fire for Pricey 'Today' Sweater, But What About His Pink Underwear?

Justin Bieber Today Show -  P 2011
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Justin Bieber Today Show -  P 2011

The pop star already has a line of nail polishes and a fragrance, so his choice of undies is not surprising.

Justin Bieber wore a very hip limited Junya Watanabe Fair Isle varsity jacket/sweater on the Today Show Wednesday morning. And due to the $1,650 price tag, he's been catching flack for his choice. Seems odd that anyone would care what he buys since he's incredibly wealthy.

And do people actually think that he bought the sweater? Stars are routinely given free clothes and I was in a Grammy Suite two years ago and watched up close as Justin picked out several pair of free jeans, sneakers, sweaters, T-shirts and even free jewelry.   

Here's some much more interesting Bieber fashion news. Justin was caught by the paps in L.A. walking his dog Baylor in his girlfriend Selena Gomez's hood. And when the 17-year-old international star bent over to pick something up he -- thanks to his already low-slung trousers -- revealed to the universe a pair pretty pale pink jockey-style underwear. 

This shouldn't come as a huge shock. After all, the Biebs has been been metro-sexing and gender-bending for quite a while, sporting double earrings, launching a line of nail polishes and a fragrance. Surely, tinted lip gloss can't be far behind. What true Belieber wouldn't want to wear his yummy lip products?

We gotta wonder. Will Bieber ever do a line of men's underwear? Because we're sure it will sell like hot cheeks. Maybe when he's of legal age.