Justin Bieber Walks Out of Spanish Interview

Justin Bieber Tonight Show Still - H 2015

Bieber was asked to make a viral video with Europe's biggest YouTubers.

Justin Bieber's promotional efforts are in full swing in advance of his Nov. 13 release of Purpose, and it's only natural that some interviews are going to go better than others. One recent appearance on Spanish radio station 40 Principales fell into that less-than-great category and led Bieber to leave without explanation.

The interview lasted less than nine minutes and included some fairly inane but inoffensive questions, such as what he's "sorry" for, if Bieber was concerned his new sound would alienate fans and whether he dresses himself. Though surely none of that helped, it seems like what really set Bieber off was the hosts' request that he help them "break the Internet" by making a viral video with Europe's biggest YouTubers.

Although Bieber seemed up for the collaboration at first — saying, "Let's do it," to the suggestion — he clearly was not. As they got up to film said Internet-breaking video, Bieber just walked the other direction and — as the caption at the end of the below interview video states in Spanish — Justin never returned.

The irony, of course, is that Bieber walking out of the interview might achieve that goal anyway.

Watch the interview below.