See 4.0 GPA Student Justin Bieber Dressed as a Shirtless Evil Clown for Interview Magazine

Courtesy of PR Dept.
Justin Bieber on Interview magazine's August cover.

The stuff of nightmares.

In addition to his signature puppy dog stare (chin down, eyes up, mouth open — you know the one), Justin Bieber posed in profile, licked a knife and rocked a terrifically terrifying clown mask for the August issue of Interview magazine. The Biebs, who was photographed by Steven Klein for the issue, also showed off his full-sleeve tattoos and recently shorn hair (good riddance, man bun/ponytail hybrid), not to mention a nipple or two. 

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The accompanying story, penned by professional crafty person (and former felon) Martha Stewart, digs deep into the 21-year-old's short-but-fabled past as a car enthusiast, a tech investor, a "tequila boy" and a self-proclaimed "pretty lucky guy." He also threw in a casual humble-brag about a 4.0 high school GPA for good measure. (Yes, we were surprised, too.)

Stewart, like the the 73-year-old flirt that she is, also pries deep into Bieber's love life, asking about girlfriends (both past and present) while letting it be known that she would have wanted to attend the Met Ball as Bieber's date. "I was hoping you would ask me," she teased, after he revealed he was currently unattached.

Bieber has been on a bit of an upswing as of late, what with palling around with James Corden, defending his famous peers via Instagram comment and always looking out for the "littles" that follow him on social media. Awww, he's growing up right before our very eyes (as a clown, no less).

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