Justin Bieber's Joke to Paparazzi Sparks Internet Frenzy (Video)

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

After the singer quipped that he was really "Derek Bieber," the name became a Twitter trending topic, with some fans expressing amusement and others confusion.

One innocent joke from Justin Bieber is apparently enough to set off a Twitter frenzy.

On Wednesday, the singer was tracked down in Hollywood by a TMZ cameraman, who questioned him about a recent incident where Bieber reportedly refused to give his autograph to an American Airlines pilot.

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Bieber basically responded that everything in the media is not to be believed. The paparazzo then asked him how it felt to be a famous person having to deal with stories written up that aren't always true.

"I'm famous? I'm a celebrity? I didn't even realize," he responded. "My name's Derek. I don't even know what you're talking about."

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He went on to add: "I'm just a look-alike. I don't know why you guys are following me around with cameras." [Watch the video below.]

Both the Beliebers and non-fans immediately started tweeting about "Derek Bieber," making the joke a top trending topic on the social networking site. Many people rushed to create Twitter accounts with some variation of the name.

Yet others were just confused about who this "Derek Bieber" person was and why he was trending.

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Here's a sample of their tweets: 

Andrew Blue
The fact that Derek Bieber is trending worldwide, shows how much Beliebers run twitter.
people made Derek Bieber's accounts already? man..
Why is derek bieber trending.. Someone please inform me ( haven't been on twitter all day )
Rylee Ross
My main man Derek Bieber <3
Ana Sofia Uz
i don't want to know who derek bieber is if it's a belieber thing. thanks
Oh Epic Snap
It's impressive how just a little joke from @justinbieber (Derek Bieber) turns into an actual reality X), Soo.. Derek is free? ;P jkjk ;)
Hey Derek Bieber is here ;) I'll follow everyone just ask me .
derek bieber? dont get this whole derek bieber thinggg...
Lakarineice Smart
Derek Bieber who is that??
I love Derek Bieber!! :)
Rhenzy Olive Cañas
Now I know who Derek Bieber iis. LOL XDDDDD
Sarah Catherine
i so cannot believe Derek Bieber is trending. lmao i love @justinbieber #beliebersgohard!
So I feel retarded because I wasn't on twitter for a few days and I have no idea who Derek Bieber is.. Someone want to explain please?(:
Amanda ♥Jbiebs
Derek Bieber is trending! Lol! Gotta love that name! ♥

Dalia Guzman
@justinbieber Do you know Derek Bieber well if you dont you just need to know that I love him. ;)
Bieber's Girl
i am in love with a guy named Derek Bieber ♥