Justin Bieber Wears Ponytail/Man-Bun Hybrid to Kanye's Birthday

Justin Bieber - H 2015

Justin Bieber - H 2015

The look came with a sweatband.

It’s time to call it. Thanks to Justin Bieber, it appears the man bun might be done as a trend. With the Biebs trying out the look, it’s officially not as hot as it once was in the hands of Jared Leto (RIP to his) or David Beckham.


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The singer and Calvin Klein underwear model showed up to Kanye West’s 38th birthday party on Monday night — for which wife Kim Kardashian rented out L.A.'s Staples Center for friends including John Legend, Bieber and, of course, the Kardashian clan — with his blond hair tied back in a pseudo-tucked ponytail/man bun.

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He also rocked a sweatband, naturally, since they were playing basketball. We thought the world was safe from a Bieber man bun when he got a Zack Morris-esque haircut a few months ago, but it appears his locks are still long enough to tie back into the unfortunately popular look. He did tell Ryan Seacrest in April, "I don’t know about the man bun; I might," so perhaps this development isn’t a surprise after all. That being said, it doesn’t make it OK.