Justin Bieber's Mom Joins Fight to Keep Canadian Pregnant Teen Shelter Open

Justin Bieber - P 2011
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The Salvation Army's Bethesda Center in London, Ontario is where a troubled Patti Mallette waited as a 17 year-old to give birth to the future pop superstar.

TORONTO - Justin Bieber’s mother has joined a campaign to stop The Salvation Army closing a home for teenage girls where she once stayed while pregnant with the future pop phenom.

Major Pat Phinney, a spokesperson for the Sally Ann, told the London Free Press newspaper Tuesday that Patti Mallette wants Bethesda Center, a London, Ontario home for troubled pregnant teens, to be kept open.

“We are still talking with her… There is ongoing conversation,” Phinney confirmed.

The Salvation Army on February 2 first unveiled plans to close Bethesda Center, which supports teenage girls during their pregnancy and after they give birth.

Mallette in 1994, at aged 17 years, stayed at the home and sought its help while pregnant.

Justin Bieber, who turns 18 years old on Thursday, was born at the St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario, and was raised in nearby Stratford.

Mallette and fellow supporters of the campaign to keep the 54 year-old Sally Ann home open have launched their own Save Bethesda Facebook page.