Justin Bieber's New Haircut Could Make Upcoming Director's Cut of 'Never Say Never'


Jon M. Chu, director of Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, told the New York Times Tuesday the teen heartthrob's new haircut could make it into the upcoming director's cut. (Bieber, who turns 17 March 1, showed off the new 'do over President's Day weekend, telling TMZ he wanted a more "mature look.")

“I can’t confirm or deny those reports," Chu said when asked if the haircutting process would be included. "Cameras are everywhere.”
The extended cut of “Never Say Never” will “get deeper in the Bieber subculture,” further exploring the singer’s relationships with his friends and entourage, as well as his father, Jeremy, and his half-siblings, while adding concert numbers like “Favorite Girl," Chu told the Times.
It will also include footage recorded at the opening of the original film less than two weeks ago. Said Chu, “The narrative doesn’t begin or end in the movie theater anymore. Justin’s narrative is everywhere.”
Paramount’s Insurge Pictures' “director’s fan cut," featuring 40 minutes of new footage, will be shown in theaters for one week starting Friday. The re-release could significantly add to the $51.3 million in tickets that the film had sold in the United States by Monday.