Justin Bieber's New Neighbor Emmy Rossum Won't Be Asking to Borrow a Cup of Sugar

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The singer recently moved next door to the actress.

Actress Emmy Rossum may be Shameless on TV, but she won't be asking her new neighbor Justin Bieber for a cup of sugar any time soon.

The Showtime star joined SiriusXM's Sway in the Morning Wednesday and got on the subject of Bieber when asked to discuss one thing she'll never do again.

"Justin Bieber just moved in to the house next door to me. He's my new next-door neighbor, and I went over to kind of offer him a neighborly hello," she said. "I'm not gonna do that again because he has a ton of bodyguards there and they're really scary.

Rossum said the Biebs pulled up in his Bentley and got out, rapping along to Jay Z and Kanye West's "Ni—as in Paris," and went inside. That was it.

"It was so surreal to me that I was like, 'I am not going to go ask for a cup of sugar over there,' " she said, adding she won't be heading over to party any time soon either.

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