Justin Bieber's YouTube Journey Celebrated by Google Chrome (Video)

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Justin Bieber

In a new ad for the web browser, we take a look back at the teen mega-star's rise to fame.

Didn't get to check out Never Say Never in theaters? Google Chrome has got you covered.

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In a new spot for the minimalistic web browser, Justin Bieber takes viewers on his journey to stardom through YouTube videos. All the while, set against the tune of his infectious hit, "Baby." It's almost like watching that 105 minute documentary -- minus 104 of the minutes.

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The ad is significantly better than his initial attempt at selling perfume, but not quite as good as his self deprecating spoof on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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The Google Chrome ad campaign has quickly become Google's biggest offline ad campaign ever. The heartwarming stories told through each ad include a father who documents the milestones of his daughter's life through webmail, as well as a look back on Lady Gaga's rise to infamy.

Watch Bieber's contribution to the campaign below.