Justin Lin, Russo Bros. Launch "Must-See Marketing" Agency Superconductor

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
Justin Lin

The company promises Hollywood-style services and a writers room approach to help such clients as Hertz and others.

Director Justin Lin (the Fast & Furious franchise, Star Trek: Beyond, Better Luck Tomorrow), Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War) and others have launched Superconductor, a creative services agency that they say is designed "for the new marketing world." It promises Hollywood-style "must-see marketing" that addresses "clients' most pressing business problems."

Part of Superconductor's content ecosystem will be the Russos' film and TV production firm AGBO Studios. The agency said it will follow a writers room approach, borrowing from the process behind the creation of TV series. Clients will be brought in to work with the creative team constructed for their specific needs to develop compelling brand stories.

Superconductor will offer such services as cinematic commercials, feature films, documentaries, digital video, brand integrations, stunts and activations, VR, AR and emerging technology. Chris Adams, who has worked at the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi and on such brands as Apple, Toyota, P&G and Mars, will serve as chief creative officer of the company. Film producers Todd Makurath and Luke Ricci are also part of the founding team at Superconductor.

"We think brands deserve content that's as good as the best work coming out of Hollywood," said Joe Russo. 

"What makes the writers room really special is that we invite clients to participate, so they're part of the process. And beyond that, we have the ability to bring in talent like showrunners, directors, screenwriters and technologists to craft a brand or product narrative in a whole new way," said Adams.

"We talked to CEOs and CMOs, and they were all telling us the same thing," added Russo. "They needed a new kind of agency that was more nimble, more efficient and more capable of delivering content that really breaks through. So we built one by assembling a team of people who share our vision of creating incredible stories on behalf of brands. We call it 'must-see marketing,' which is advertising that people choose to watch and experiences that people love to spend time with."

"Reaching people with relevant and creative content is the age-old goal that today demands looking beyond traditional advertising models," said Hertz senior vp brand Jayesh Patel. "We chose to work with Superconductor for our Marvel Studio campaign because of their fresh approach to the creative ideation process. We love that they are exclusively focused on telling an interesting story about the great experiences and benefits we provide our customers every day, worldwide."