We Can't Look Away From Justin Theroux's First Instagram Post

Justin Theroux - H 2015
Mark Davis/Getty Images for The Santa Barbara International Film Festival


If life is a rom-com, then Justin Theroux is the brooding, leather-jacket-wearing bad boy. You know the one — he's the guy every naive heroine wants to date, convinced that she can crack him open to reveal the fleshy sensitive parts beneath his tattooed exterior.

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On Wednesday evening, Jennifer Aniston's hunk of a husband brought all this bad-boy-ness and more to his inaugural Instagram post. The black-and-white selfie — which showcases his chiseled jawline, his man earring and his unnaturally appealing sideburns (sideburns shouldn't be sexy, but damn) — puts Theroux's seductive, eyebrow-raised gaze on full display. And we can't. Look. Away.

Add to this allure the mystery created by his cliff-hanger caption ("#on" — on what?!), and we can't help but be drawn in. We know it's wrong — dangerous, even — but we, like his 32,000-and-counting followers, just can't resist.


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