Justin Timberlake: 'Friends With Benefits' Isn't 'Raunchy'

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He says the characters -- who have a purely physical relationship -- are "as real as possible."

Justin Timberlake doesn't think Friends With Benefits -- in which his character has a purely physical relationship with Mila Kunis' -- is "a raunchy comedy."

"I just feel like it's a real one. That's what we were trying to do — trying to make these characters as real as possible so when you put them in these awkward situations, you feel closer to them," Timberlake told The Hollywood Reporter Monday at the NYC premiere of the comedy, which is in theaters Friday.

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"And honestly with the love scenes, we tried to pinpoint things that we felt like people would say, 'Oh my God this happened to me, but I never talked about it.' And our characters, because of the scenarios, they proposed talk about it and it makes for a funny movie," he added.

When asked if he had any advice for ending a "friends with benefits" relationship, Timberlake joked, "I think it's pretty obvious I should not be giving anybody love advice…Yeah, listen to a single male." Timberlake, who recently split from Jessica Biel, laughed and continued, "Yeah, that'll work out.

In the film, he sings to Kunis while in bed. But in real life, the successful solo artist and former member of *Nsync wouldn't break out into song with a  woman. "I think it's almost too predictable for me to sing. I'll try something else — I'll make her sing. No, I wouldn't do that," he said.
When THR pointed out the Grammy winner could "make a girl nervous" asking that she sing, Timberlake joked, "I'd only be judging her cause I judge. I'm judging. I'm a constant judger. I'm a very judging person."

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