Justin Timberlake Reveals Personal Meaning Behind 'Man of the Woods' Album Title

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"Stop telling me I’m making a country album!” Timberlake told his fans in an Instagram video posted to celebrate his birthday Wednesday.

Justin Timberlake is celebrating his 37th birthday the same way anyone would -- by listening to his new album and getting a “birthday cut.”

In an Instagram video, Timberlake shows himself getting a haircut while listening to one of his new songs. “I’m really feeling myself right now on my birthday,” he says.

Timberlake says he "feels like DJ Khaled" while sitting in the chair promoting his music and attempting to clear up misconceptions around the name of his album. 

“The album is named after the my son," Timberlake says of his boy, Silas. "His name means ‘of the woods.' Stop telling me I’m making a country album!” Timberlake laughs while he gets his hair buzzed.

His album -- which is not a country album -- drops Friday. Check out JT’s birthday video below:

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