Oscars: Justin Timberlake Opens the Show with Performance of Oscar-Nominated "Can't Stop the Feeling"

The singer, up for his first Oscar, performed his hit from the animated film 'Trolls.'

Justin Timberlake opened the 89th Academy Awards with an upbeat performance of his hit song, "Can't Stop the Feeling" from the animated film Trolls.

Timberlake sang his way into the Dolby Theater, flanked by dancers, dancing all the way to the stage. Nominees Naomie Harris and Jeff Bridges clapped and sang along to the performance. A full band rocked behind Timberlake and his dancers as the singer got the Oscars going on a musical note. 

"Hollywood, you look so lovely tonight, but do you feel lovely?" Timberlake asked the audience. He even called out best actor nominee Denzel Washington during his performance, "I know you know this, Denzel."

The performance wrapped up with a clap-along dance in the crowd, with Jackie Chan cutting loose alongside Hollywood stalwarts such as Michael J. Fox and Nicole Kidman.

Timberlake's song was up for the best original song Oscar, the first nomination of Timberlake's career. The dance-y tune is also the only nominated song to reach number one on the Billboard chart. Timberlake voiced the lead role of Branch in the animated children's film, but his song was the only nomination the Dreamworks picture earned from the Academy.