Hot Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Shares His Hotness With 'Vogue'

Justin Trudeau - H 2015

He's a giver.

Though it's not required that a politician be attractive (cough, Donald Trump, cough), it's certainly a welcome bonus. And when it comes to good-looking politicians, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a league of his own.

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As if his charming Instagram photos and uncanny resemblance to a Disney prince weren't enough to pacify your handsome-man cravings, the 43-year-old recently posed alongside also-attractive wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau for some fetching Vogue portraits. (He also was interviewed about his political views because we guess that's important, too.)

One steamy photo in particular was giving us major "get a room" vibes, as it showed the parents-of-three getting up-close-and-sexual with each other while also showcasing their incredibly shiny hair.

All we can say is: Thanks for sharing, Trudeau family. Much appreciated.

PHOTO: Norman Jean Roy for Vogue